Regret Fills Me Up.

As promised, I am back today with another post of how my day went, with guilt punching me in the gut. Yeah, guilt. Why? Because my plan for a super healthy steamed/boiled/roasted chicken and salad for dinner got converted into a  butter chicken masala with two wheat rotis. I loathe my self control.

The day started well. I had two toasts for breakfast after which I went to the gym after two whole days. Did I mention that even one leave throws me off my game. It sucks. I had a really hard time with all the exercising and I was so out of breath that the trainer took pity at me and left me in an hour.

What did I do today? Well, cross trainer and cycling for ten minutes each. After that, there’s this set of exercises that I’m asked to do almost 3 times a day which I did. First, he makes me climb the stairs outside the gym 10 times. then, dumbbell side bending, 20 each. Then skipping for some 50 times and then cross standing crunches, 20 each side. All I have to do after this is repeat this entire process 3 (4, if I’m up to it) times. Follow it up by side to side plies, 20×3 and then, something that is similar to the plies. What to do is hold onto a support, bend like you did in the previous exercise, but get up and life one of your leg to the side. Do this 20 times each side. And when you’re done 20 each side, repeat this entire thing 3 times. And then there was the lovely twister, which to be honest, it quite fun. After that, I did leg raise crunches on a bench press 20×3 times, and finally, some skipping.

In hindsight, it doesn’t seem much but honestly, I was almost in tears.

Anyways, I came home, had some water and then ORS. Had my lunch- 1 wheat roti, some lentils, cucumber, one bowl rice, yogurt, and potato, which is fine. After that, I had water, until about 6 when I had some soda (told you, I loathe myself) and some biscuit.

And then, my wonderful marinated steamed/boiled/roasted chicken fiasco happened, and here I am. Full to the brim and filled with regret.

But that’s what happens. I usually eat healthy, and as they say, one cheat meal doesn’t make you fat and one healthy meal doesn’t make you thin. I’ll work harder tomorrow and control myself.

Till then, adieu.

Hi Again.

I’m sorry for having deserted you guys for so long. It’s been quite a while now.

So, I’m done with my exams, and I have joined a gym close to my house which I am frequenting about 4-5 times a day. Laziness gets the better of me sometimes. It’s been about a month and though, I haven’t lost any weight, I’ve toned down plenty. I ass looks like an ass and I can make out my waist and it actually curves!

I’ve cut down on my sweets, though last week, I indulged in some ice cream, some sweets and some soda drinks.

I’m going to it the gym tomorrow, in my thick sweatshirt (sweat leads to more weight lose) and i’ll have a cup of black coffee and some toast. It keeps the body active and makes it easier to lose weight.

So, I’ll write to you once again tomorrow, and I’ll tell you of my workout.



October 11, 2015


I’ve hit a new epiphany. I’ve been thinking of starting running. I have it all planned out but…. but I’m just not ready to wake up at 5:00 in the morning before school. Also, I don’t want to run in public since I look like this:

It’s gonna be tough asking people not to see me whilst I run. Let’s see if this Monday is going to be the dawn of my running schedule.

My eating habits are unfortunately still bad with no control over my mouth, but I’ve wiped clean my Nutella jar and I’m not bringing a new one in until I lose at least 1o kgs. So, it’s gonna be go hard or go home for me.

I did the exercises for two consecutive days (new record people!) and then, since some guests came over to stay, I couldn’t find a room in which I could work out. Clever Veronica!

Yesterday evening though, I went for a walk downstairs. And I did walk for some time, after which I sat down cause I was tired.

Since everyone’s gonna clear out today, I’m gonna resume those killer exercises today (poor me!).

Also, can anyone tell me which app they use for tracking their weight loss. Mind you, I have a Windows phone. I’ve heard that the Microsoft owned Health and Fitness is fine. But I’m encountering a problem downloading it. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

I’m not going to abandon you guys this time, so hopefully, I’m post tomorrow. Till then,


October 10, 2015


I’ve returned after some time here the reason being that I’ve had a very hectic schedule for the past three four days.

I haven’t been able to watch my diet somehow. A lot of people have been visiting our house for some reasons for the past few days, and thus, when mom forgets to make something, I just gobble 1 bread and half a bowl of Nutella! Sorry, but I’m trying to control myself. Hopefully, it’ll be better when Nutella finishes off.

On the brighter side, today with finally some free time at hand in between tuitions, school and life in general, I finally got time to exercise. And I seem to have done a lot of it: my entire body is sore and moving a muscle is excruciatingly painful.

I worked out for 40 minutes today, with the AC running and the room locked, Talking to myself, instructing myself to proceed as if someone is recording this or I’m teaching someone.

I started off with 4 rounds of surya namaskar, each of which round has two half rounds. It is a twelve step process, very long and is extremely healthy. (Off topic: I participated in a group activity where we had to do 54 rounds of surya namaskar i.e. 108 times. I did 95, the record in my family.)


I followed this by 10×3 rounds of roll ups, which I find a great way to start crunches.


Since the neck is bent a lot in roll ups, I followed it by the bhujang asana which is also the cobra pose. It prevents spondylitis.


Basically, I devoted the day to abdomen and thigh exercises. A excruciatingly painful exercise I did was called Pivoting Curtsey Lunge, and by God, did it take me life away. I did three rounds with 10 lunges each for each  leg and I was in tears by the end of it. I was unable to move for the next two days.


I did some bending, jumping and warming up exercises too. And then I had some water and juice.

See you next time!



Name: Veronica
Age: 17
Gender: Female

A girl from one corner of this round world, I am just another person who loves to eat, and an unfortunate one at that because it shows on my body too. 78.8 kgs today i.e. October 2, 2015, I aim for this cursed needle show at be well under 68.8 kgs by February 1, 2016. I wish to loose 10 kgs in 5 months.

Why this blog?

I have been blogging somewhere else too, and I have found in myself an unprecedented discipline when it comes to blogging. Then, I came across some blogs that have been aiming at weight loss to, their own personal battle. That’s what gave me the idea.

What’s my history?

Always a fattie and no control over the appetite combined with a disease called PCOD, my weight grew exponentially between 2012-2014 until which it was undetected. It also led to some problems, delayed periods, backaches, thyroidal symptoms, and mentally, very low self confidence. Early 2015, my doctor diagnosed PCOD, and told me that if I didn’t lose weight, it would only worsen.

I decided in May that by the time February’16 comes, I should be ready to look decent in a saree and not a globe around whom a saree has been secured.

Since then, medication and a little diet brought me down from 83.5 kgs to 77.0 kg in three months. There could’ve been more weight loss, but since I didn’t exercise, it was okayish. It was all very awesome, everyone was complimenting me, and I felt great otherwise also. But I don’t know what has happened. I am not doing that anymore. I’ve been this way for quite some time now and my weight has increased again to 78.8 kg.

What are my plans?

I plan to record my daily struggles and activities on this blog, so that with the incentive that someone is looking out for my efforts, I’ll do better than I am doing. I’ll keep a track of what I eat, what I exercise, how I exercise, and how ultimately, how I lost 10kg in five months.